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Passion, enthusiasm, some defeats and many victories.

Ten wonderful years.

Ten years of exploring borders, jumping walls, building bridges and imagining smiles.

All this can be achieved by a project that thinks about the future, our communities, our planet.

All this is our commitment made possible also thanks to you, because it is with sharing and friendship that the best results are achieved.

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Work continues for the redevelopment of the area

ex-Forte Penzo in the Municipality of Chioggia (VE)

Work continues for the redevelopment of the former Fort Penzo area relating to the Urban Implementation Plan n.2 of the Special Plan n.6 in the Municipality of Chioggia.

A strategic and central area of the lagoon city with the aim of strengthening livability and usability by citizens and tourists by returning to the city places and spaces that are currently inaccessible.



Completed the works for the new cycle path in Jesolo (VE) as urban regeneration

The works for the 1st section of the cycle path of Viale Belgio and Viale Oriente in Jesolo have been completed. The last details have been prepared that will enhance the approximately 2.5 km long route. allowing a wide redevelopment of urban spaces and the safety of circulation, both on the road and for those who use the bicycle. of the pine forest, the real green lung of the city.



Delivered the project to the Municipalitu of Chioggia (VE) about the Special Plan n. 6, Area 3

The project relating to Special Plan n.6 Area 3 of the Municipality of Chioggia was delivered to the municipal administration. A privileged area due to its proximity to the central areas of Sottomarina to the north, acts as a hinge with the recently built part to the south and as a link between the lagoon and the beach. To complete the infrastructures there is a cycle / pedestrian system that accompanies the construction of a linear park that characterizes the spatial quality of the entire project.

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