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Time City

Chioggia [VE]
Project phase:  2021 |  Realization:During construction

Project that is part of the "Re-Connect Sottomarina" plan for the recomposition of the former Penzo Battery area. It is possible to build two buildings: the first is a medium sales structure, the second houses two commercial units on the ground floor and is developed in height with a directional unit and in the following seven residential units. To divide the two buildings there is a pedestrian path that is longitudinally in an east-west direction, to allow a complete public nature path that connects the public gardens to the green area located south of the lot. On the street front, in Viale Bergamo and Viale Padova, two new driveways are planned, which lead through two ramps to the underground garage. The main objectives of the project were to make less impactful the volume of the main commercial building, set back from the street front that allow you to live the public space and invites the stop and meeting.

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