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Jesolo [VE]

WAVE Resort

Project phase:  2015-2018 |  Realization:Completed

The new residential tourist intervention is part of an extremely fascinating landscape, characterized by the symbolic and physical union of the sea and the lagoon, which are near the new marina. The urban system consists of 4 buildings, each complex is organized around a central common area where the pool and solarium are located, while the two complexes are separated by open parking spaces. The central courtyard, patios, terraces, assume a different degree of importance and are divided into a hierarchy of horizontal paths, common spaces and not, permeable even visually become places of life, housing and social relationship. The building type consists of clear formal elements, a large stone-clad base, four white prisms that mark the rhythm and define a sequence of full and empty spaces; the loggias contained in large masonry walls that mark the facades on the court and the private stairs are incorporated in a masonry building.

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