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Villa Ancillotto Resort

San Donà di Piave [VE]
Project phase:  2018 

Villa Ancillotto is located within a park of 5 hectares, a wonderful place set in an agricultural context. The goal is to preserve this architecture over time and emphasize its spirit rich in values. Recovery, hospitality and sustainability are the fundamental themes of this project that has generated a free, balanced, coherent and silent architecture, for this reason, hospitable. The project involves the extension of the villa into two buildings that mediate the relationship with the surrounding park, reinterpreting the typology of the barn in a contemporary key. The new building is completely detached from the historic building to leave its shape and identity intact. The distribution connections take place in the basement foyer, an elegant space that receives light from above, a distributive hinge for the spa, the conference area and the rooms in the barchesse. The colors and materials in warm tones characterize the interior space, opposite to the cold tones used for the exterior of the barn.

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