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Urban transformations

Chioggia [VE]
Project phase:  2021 |  Client:  Municipality of Chioggia

The reconstruction of the former Penzo Battery area is an important opportunity to give it back to the city for a free use. A privileged setting for the proximity to the central areas of Sottomarina to the north, acts as a hinge with the part of recent construction to the south and a link between the lagoon and the seashore. The project envisages a new organization of road flows in the north with the possibility of revitalizing the piezometric tower. The southern part is characterized by an important change through the road. To complete the infrastructure there is an important cycle-pedestrian system that is going to complete the north-south and east-west axes and accompanying the creation of a linear park that characterizes the quality of space and perception and that finds in the recovery of the compendium of Fort Penzo its highest expression. The public space is formed by a sum of elements such as connections, activities, roads, orientation, water regulation.

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