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Chioggia [VE]
Project phase:  2018 |  Realization:During construction 

The reconstruction of the former Penzo Battery area is a very important opportunity to regain a part of the city and deliver it to free use. A privileged setting for the proximity to the central areas of Sottomarina to the north, acts as a hinge with the part of recent construction to the south and a link between the lagoon and the shore. The new composition of the space provides for the insertion of a public green area that connects and structure, the whole area of intervention. This park becomes the fundamental element that regulates the relationships between the urban routes and the existing built parts and those of the project. The project was divided into two sections, physically by the construction of the extension of Viale Bergamo that connects to Via del Boschetto. In the sector located to the west, the commercial functions that most have the ability to link this project to a dynamic of routes in the center of the resort. In the section located to the east, instead, residencality is privileged.

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