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Project for an urban void

Mogliano [TV]
Project phase:  2016

The project was born from the need to combine in this area public expectations relating to an improvement of the urban center and stakeholders. At the heart of the design approach is the desire to adjust the functional requirements to a composition capable of responding to the needs of equipping Mogliano city with a new pole to be allocated to the community. An area that shifts the center of gravity of the city redefining the limit of the center and able to return a new urban image. An image that strengthens in the Mogliano city area the dormant identity of their city. The project for the redevelopment of the former Macevi area affirms a civil dimension of architecture and through "electic" forms and tones, emphasizes the strong need to give meaning to contemporary architecture, in which critical awareness and ideality are able to offer answers to questions from civil society and the spirit of contemporaneity, allowing to build urban scenes in which architecture and its forms are understood as a collective phenomenon.

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