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Floating Park of Lusenzo

Chioggia [VE]
Project phase:  2018 |  Client:CPlus Association + Clodiense Onlus Foundation 

The project aims to restore the identity to the inner lagoon of Lusenzo through a new public space for the community. The presence of the new park will guarantee environmental, social and landscape benefits, as well as a subsequent improvement of urban quality and life. The project is part of a system of urban green restoration that is divided into vegetable gardens, tree-lined avenues, small squares and parks, which are flanked by slow paths and equipped rest areas. The system aims to increase the use of public spaces present, but also to increase them, promote accessibility, biodiversity and urban microclimates. At the heart of the system is the lagoon of Lusenzo: the public space par excellence, the heart of the city. In this articulated system, in addition to the new Water Sports Centre, and two other elements to give a new interpretation: the Lusenzo Park, a floating urban park for the city, and a widespread and innovative accommodation facility, able to differentiate tourism.

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