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A new seafront for Sottomarina

Chioggia [VE]
Project phase:  2012-2014 |  Project:  NAOS + Gino Malacarne |  Client:Sottomarina Hoteliers Association

The design work of the new Lungomare di Sottomarina aims to rethink the near future of the city of Chioggia and its territory. An accurate analysis and proposals of design hypotheses aimed at indicating an increasingly sustainable tourist development that is reflected in the urban planning of the city. The project of the new Lungomare lays the foundations for the creation of a linear urban park that combines, from south to north, two nerve points of the coastal strip: the area of the Reduci and the oasis San Felice to the fort of the same name, which is expected to be the accommodation. A long cycle-pedestrian walk characterized by different elements is studied: the green, the public space, the paths, the accesses to the sea and the commercial activities to create a new urban front. The project adapts to the various existing situations very different, going to saturate and integrate those interstices and spaces, which today represent an element of chaos that makes difficult a uniform and quality reading of the promenade itself.

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