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Brand Identity

Chioggia [VE]
Project phase:  2015

BRAND IDENTITY AND NAMING NÀOS [adaptation. of gr. ναός, der. of ναίω «living»] in classical architecture, is the «dwelling» of a God, that is, the temple or the most internal part of the Greek temple where the statue of the God was placed", Treccani vocabulary definition. As in the classical Greek temple, Naos symbolically represents a cell, to which the sacred building is dedicated, the heart of the study, in which the fundamental and deep values are contained. The logo was conceived considering the meaning of the name Naos and the foundations on which the study was born. The cube, symbol of the logo, an elementary and essential figure, becomes a "container" of the essence of the principles and skills with which the studio operates. PRINTING OF THE LOGO The typeface used for the composition of the logo is Century Gothic, based on a geometric shape. The font in the Regular, Italic, Bold, Bold italic and Black versions can also be used in the composition of texts. The capital characters of Naos emphasize the solidity and firmness of the name.

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