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Bike lane
as a Urban

Jesolo [VE]

1° stralcio

2° stralcio

Project phase:  2019-2020 

The project involves the construction of a new bike path of about 4.5 km along Viale Oriente/ Viale Belgio, inside the pine forest of Jesolo to complement the dense network of cycling paths in the Jesolo area. It addresses the theme of soft mobility, posing some questions and reflections on the meaning of this particular public space that cannot and must not be trivially framed as a simple infrastructure that connects two points. The slow mobility lives today a great affirmation on the national panorama, encouraged by new regulations that facilitate and support it, but above all by a new social awareness that is leading us to reach standards and services typical of the countries of northern Europe. The study identify 3 levels of reading that were the basis for defining priorities in the definition of project elements, allowing the user to live a visual and emotional experience beyond the "function" through the use of "recognizable" materials and colours.

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