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Mareadentro Brand Identity

Chioggia [VE]
Project phase:  2016 |  Client:  Mareadentro cooperative company

Mareadentro in fact focuses its action on the promotion, through events and initiatives, of the culture of the sea through the enhancement of the fish product and the right practices to make the future of the marine environment sustainable. For this reason the sea and the deep passion that binds the city of Chioggia to it, turn out to be the synthetic messages to which the brand aspires. A brand must work on every medium: from print to digital; from clothing to mobile devices. A logo must be legible on every single platform and stand out clearly and effectively. The minimal choice of resorting to a circle inside which there is a wave that leads to another circle, is nothing more than the desire to attract the eye and fix it at a certain point. The choice of colors, the blue of the sea and the yellow ocher of the sand, of the earth, not only send and codify a message, but enhance the logo through the warm-cold contrast between them generate where all the essence of Mareadentro is manifested.

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