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Chioggia [VE]

The possible city

Project phase:  2019 |  Client:Order of the APPC of Venice |  Realization:Completed

"Do you know that public space is also yours?" The possible city. Play, think, act is a pavilion that invites you to reflect on the importance of public space planning and the role that each of us has to improve the places that represent our communities. The installation was set up in Piazza Vigo in Chioggia in 2019. A game designed for everyone that makes you think about the possibilities of urban development and regeneration of the city. The pavilion was composed of a wooden platform that defines the limits of the playing space. Inside there are the large playing mat, cubic-shaped seats and the large central totem on which the final questions of the game were placed. The pavilion and the choice and conception of the game were a clear action of tactical urbanism to involve the local population with questions, suggestions. The quality of public space is thus measured through four major themes: uses and activities, comfort and image, accessibility and connections and social action.

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