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Jesolo [VE]

Garden Palace

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Project phase:2019-2022 |  Realization:During construction

The project consists in a new construction through the demolition of the existing buildings, which is inserted in a residential context already defined. The project involves the construction of 7 housing units consisting of two parts, one higher to the west (6 levels) and one lower to the east (2 levels). The lower part is supported by piloties, which guarantee a physical and perceptive permeability, defining the common entrance and the adjacent outdoor space available for parking spaces and bicycles. The various levels can be reached through a stairwell with an elevator protected to the east by a structure in expanded metal, declaring the position of the vertical connections to the outside. The internal distribution is similar in all units, except for unit n.3 which is equipped with a terrace facing east with the possibility of access to the attic internally reaching a large covered patio. The elevations are united by the homogeneity and repetition of the regular openings that dictate the geometries of the facades.

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