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San Giovanni Lupatoto [VR]

Urban forest

Project phase:  2019

The project is part of a new soft mobility system. It provides a new green axis of territorial connection that crosses the urban fabric and to which are linked services of design interest, constituting a system of public spaces, urban green areas and naturalistic elements such as rivers, canals, ditches, lakes that today are only partly valued. In the urban forest it’s planned to create a plant matrix consisting of various elements: the planitial forest, the green filter, the renaturalization of the river bank, the clearing, the vegetable gardens in the woods and the park of the villa. The banks of the canal are renaturalized, in the territorial project we want to propose an ecological corridor that reaches the Adige, where the protagonist is water. The park thus holds together a multitude of activities and important social and environmental roles for the municipality of San Giovanni Lupatoto and neighboring municipalities. Thus a new door on the city is imagined within a more complex territorial project.

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