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Chioggia smart vision

Chioggia [VE]
Project phase:  2020

The pilot project inside Chioggia city and in the Venetian forest makes us reflect on the potential that the landscape design and the new forms of mobility can have on the territory that we live. The Green Bike Plan aims to be a manifest, a project adaptable to the multitude of realities that characterize our territory, through a dimension projected into the future following the principles of Smart City. The goal of safeguarding the planet through a path that contains two aspects: the Green Line, a set of parks, forest equipment, to safeguard and integrate pre-existing systems with the characteristic of reducing CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere to try to obtain a zero impact society; and the Slow Mobility that thanks to a network of bike equipped allows those who use it to appreciate and know the richness of the territory in total safety. A project that aims to recognize the potential to invest in the "slow connection" between territories.

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