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Chioggia [VE]

TMM house

Project phase:  2015-2016 |  Realization:Made

The project involves the renovation of a house for two families located in the urban center of Sottomarina. The original house, is part of a dense residential fabric, where the private spaces for each building lot have been reduced more and more. The goal of the renovation was to transform the house by rethinking the internal distribution and reinterpreting the exterior with reference to nature and the theme of the patio house. The patio becomes the focal point, with a deciduous tree in the middle, with the task of filtering the sunlight. The small garden-patio expands its limits vertically and makes the space alive. The patio is marked by the existing walls and the surrounding wall and a small volume enlarging the building that gives the composition a completely new character. The house retains an introverted character in the facades that look to the neighboring plots, while opening into the facades facing the garden, which is nothing more than an additional room of the house.

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