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House on the hill

Potenza Picena [MC]
Project phase:  2021 

The project area is located in an agricultural area of landscape interest, which includes a main building for residential use and another pertinent building also for residential use. The main house is on two levels and is located in a central position inside the property. The project involves the extension of the main house, the pre-existing pergola to the south is restored with glass and sliding vertical partitions. As for the pertinent building, it is planned to completely demolish the existing building and rebuild a new building by revisiting the typological structure on a single level. The new pertinent building opposite the main house is no longer perceptible and is mitigated as it is incorporated along the profile of the hill that descends to the south. This architectural gesture frees the view towards the landscape, also including the construction of the roof practicable, in order to create a viewing terrace.

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