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Bacchiglione House

Ponte San Nicolò [PD]
Project phase:  2020 

The project involves the construction of a family house in a predominantly agricultural context not far from the river Bacchiglione where the embankment breaks the horizontal plane of the countryside breaking the spatiality. The project involves a housing unit composed of two pure volumes overlapping each other in an orthogonal manner that aim to strengthen their link with the physical context. The lower volume allows to separate the external space facing the street through a completely uniform facade and without openings compared to the more private and intimate area that is created inside the property on which the living area overlooks of the dwelling. The volume of the upper floor contains the sleeping area which openings address the landscape and the agricultural horizon. A private house that closes towards the anthropized elements to pour its gaze towards the natural elements that surround it to the east aiming at an introspection towards the private outdoor space, offshoot of the living area.

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