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Canoe floating house

Chioggia [VE]
Project phase:  2016-2017 

The project was born with the idea of enhancing the Lusenzo Lagoon in Chioggia, a body of water on which the urban fabric of the city is articulated and which, through the creation of the new center of water sports, can find a new centrality in the life of the community. It also represents the material conclusion of a landscape project, of territorial scale, which involves the reorganization and use of the Adige river auction: Adigo!. The new Water Sports Centre thus becomes an intermodal point, a hinge, marking the entrance to the lagoon and urban environment where water is the protagonist. The shape of the structure is defined by the shore and tries to tie the lagoon landscape to the built, the aquatic experiences to the activities proposed by the structure. In addition, the floating component, freed from the static nature of the land, highlights the building as a sculptural object and greater emphasis on water sports, the focus of the proposed activities: giving the full opportunity to combine sport and nature.

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