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Blue House

Jesolo [VE]
Project phase:  2021 

The project involves the construction of a new building with 4 units distributed on 5 levels. The complex formally consists of two volumes arranged perpendicularly to the beach. The first volume contains the stairs and the elevator, while the second, larger and more articulated, contains the residences. In fact, this volume is the sum of two parts: the first, which characterizes the living area of the houses, while the second, exposed to the density of the urban context, closes thus reserving to the volume a greater compactness and privacy. The entrance to the property is via the public road, while the access to the building takes place through a short pavement, accompanied by greenery that leads to the entrance hall connected to the pool area to the south and the vertical path that accompanies the residences. The elevations are joined by homogeneity and repetition of openings. The window holes are regular and dictate the geometries of the facades; for the living areas there is only a glazed wall. The property will be equipped in the area overlooking the beach, a swimming pool and a sunbathing area. In this area the naturalness of the environment will be pre-eminent and reached thanks to the insertion of appropriate vegetation and the predisposition of a sandy surface to the ground.

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