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C-Plus Association
Brand Identity

Chioggia [VE]
Project phase:  2015

Cplus is a free cultural association founded in 2011 by a group of young friends from different backgrounds and professions. It deals, non-profit, to animate the cultural, economic and artistic debate. A name, Cplus, that immediately reminds the will to add something: to try to go beyond a pre-ordered limit: C- like Chioggia, Culture, Sharing, Communication, Comparison, Collaboration and Growth. The logo and the coordinated images are inspired by the pictorial language of constructivism, avant-garde artistic movement, which rejects the concept of art as an end in itself, in favor of an art engaged on the social level and which finds its maximum expression in the Bauhaus, through the figure of László Moholy-Nagy. Cplus uses a minimalist, geometric, orderly method of representation, paying attention to the expressive language, more aimed at bringing out the creative dimension, with the aim of getting directly to the interlocutor.

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