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Areas affected by
Adige's river
Project phase:  2016-2017 |  Client:CPlus Association + Clodiense Onlus Foundation 

AdiGO! has the ambition to put in system the immense potentiality of a territory that from the Garda Veronese goes down until the lagoon of Venice for 200km revaluing the entire auction of the second river exalting the landscape richness and the tourist offer tied to a slow mobility. The project is based on key criteria for tourist cycling such as safety, intermodality, connectivity and low cost. Along the Adige route there is a bikesharing, canoeing and kayaking service in order to experience the river from a different perspective between land and water. The river refuge can be independent or integrated into the system of storage of canoes, kayaks and bikes to be a reference for travelers with an infopoint, relaxation area, dining area and toilets with changing rooms. A mobile or fixed structure, repeatable at various points of the path in particular in the access nodes. Management would always be subject to the use of smart technology to ensure the traveller an always efficient service and safe spaces.

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