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Chioggia [VE]
Project phase:  2021

Project that is part of the "Re-Connect Sottomarina" plan for the recomposition of the former Penzo Battery area. It is planned to build two buildings, both residential of equal shape and size are distinguished by their placement within the scope of intervention. Dividing the two buildings there is a pedestrian path that runs longitudinally east-west. The resulting visual cones allow a highly permeable spatial perception and characterized by a relationship with green space. The use of ground plane pilotis, at the complete disposal of residents, feeds the perception of permeability. The verticality of buildings is strengthened by the shrinking volume of vertical connections. This choice helps to break the longitudinal fronts of the buildings making the volume of the building certainly less impacting. On the road front, in Viale Bergamo is planned to build a new driveway that leads through a ramp to the underground garage.

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